SmartStart 8.70

Set up, modify, and control HP ProLiant servers
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Create a custom server based on the HP ProLiant platform. Configure the software setup and select the programs that launch automatically and function in the selected server environment. Customize the access parameters and enable data import, export, and sharing.

SmartStart is a single-server deployment tool that simplifies HP ProLiant server setup, providing a repeatable way to deploy consistent configurations. It is included in the HP Insight Foundation suite for ProLiant and is available for free download.

It assists with Windows OS installation process and integrates and optimizes HP ProLiant server support software drivers, utilities and management agents, known as ProLiant Support Packs (PSPs). SmartStart benefits:
-An easy-to-use, intuitive graphical interface that guides you through preparing your system for the OS installation process.
-Dependency and validity checks to ensure that all supported ProLiant software can be installed.

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